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“Magic in its earliest form is often referred to as ‘the art’.  I believe this is completely literal.  I believe that magic is art and that art, whether it be writing, music, sculpture, or any other form is literally magic.” 
- Alan Moore

The work you hold in your hands is formed from magical concepts by the Wizard Ari Freeman, trained by the Wizard of New Zealand.
Starting with "Coagula”, an alchemical guitar crafted from floor boards left over from a renovation from his house, Ari decided to put the spells he had been working on for many years to the test.
Finding a likely musical soul in Oscar Green, a drummer beyond his years, they began weaving songs.
Having learned the power of funk to move people’s bodies, Ari began to search for other elements to reach their minds and souls. He found it in the seemingly accidental collision of 60’s psychedelic pop textures and the angular harmonies of 90’s alternative rock.
Sculpting an holistic sound to affect mind body and soul, they required a bass player to lay down the fundamental lore.
They decided to ask the best bass player they had ever met. A certain Mike ‘Fud’ Fudakowski, previously of the seminal Christchurch progressive metal band Cripple Mr Onion, who had been Ari’s teacher in his youth.
Fud showed himself able to often literally play Ari’s compositions with one hand tied behind his back, and so had another hand ready to hold down chords and harmonies allowing Ari’s lead guitar to soar, meander and render many chords previously unattempted by guitarists to date. This was possible due to Fud’s 10 string bass Namazu, an instrument he has designed himself, which has nearly the range of a grand piano.

This album was recorded singlehandedly by Ari in his musical laboratory and is the distillation of the most effective material from many live shows for which Rhomboid have gained a formidable reputation in their home town of Christchurch, the post apocalyptic Cathedral city rocked to it’s foundations leaving only the bravest and most dedicated behind.

Contact the Wizard Ari Freeman at arifreeman@gmail.com


released June 4, 2015

The Wizard Ari Freeman: Guitar, Vocals, Recording
Fud: 10 String Bass
Oscar Green: Drums



all rights reserved


Rhomboid Christchurch, New Zealand

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Track Name: Gigantopithecus
Bought from a Chinese Apothecary

In the Early 20th Century

One man’s cure for impotence

One’s specimen of great importance

A little known link between, science and the legendary

That first nations knew so well

One for the career of doctor königswald

Is it merely happenstance

The ape from 100,000 years ago

And bigfoot, yeti and sasquatch

Seem to be a perfect match

Self-styled intellectuals, have called the beast impossible

Labelling fools of those who meet

The Ape that once, stood ten feet.

Perhaps are our mythologies

Echoes of our prehistory

That erectus met the giant ape

And the story lasted till our age

Or should we only value facts, that can be proven without a doubt

Leaving us with a history

More full of holes, than a swiss cheese

Track Name: Apocalyptofunk
Oooooh Hit it!
Track Name: Holy Eye
Twisted roots flow with veins like rivers
Nourishing life complexity
Resonating noise unfolds to patterns
In a Subconscious liturgy

Open your holy eye to the weird light
And enlighten me

An empty sea, spurts myths and symbols
From a dream to identity
Without bodies murmur inspirations
I reach to touch so fleetingly

Open your holy eye to the weird light
And enlighten me
Track Name: Neo-Shamanic
Calling on an ancient art
That he made up on the spot
With a face like plasticine
Filling the entire screen
Building up to a frothing fit
He proceeds to lose his shit
Chewing on the scenery
Klaus Kinski rolls within his grave

Is it ironic?

Oh no what’s this
What’s happening
As much as I try
I can’t look away

Neo Shamanic,
Rather comic
And sardonic
Shouting swearing
Bug eyes blaring

Other players
Care for ratings
But with Nick
There’s no debating
His one and only
True intention
Is to leave a
Big impression
Track Name: Eleventh Element
A universe from nothing
Not exactly comforting
The Hope of the enlightenment
Shattered by Quantum Events
Track Name: Spiralling Staircase
When you dream at night put the ladder down and let me climb
I want nothing more than to explore the stories inside you
We conquer monsters, unlocking any door
Making love ethereal
Down the staircase we go

Since I was five, over years I've learned to fly
By jumping double and hovering
Then on an upwards trajectory
Lunching off my parents roof I'll help you stay aloft
Reaching lower clouds as if up
Invisible stairs we go

With nightmares in the basement, like losing hair and teeth
Or running form our enemies
There's a staircase in the dream, climbing towards heaven
So strange the commonality between separate heads, we're told
Yet all from the same mold
Track Name: Kraken
Deep in abysmal green
The realm of the dreamer
The floor of the sea
Pulling, up this fearsome thing
Fishhooks on fingers
Plucking the strings

All it’s
Eight arms
It’s uncanny will spills out in a wave

From the
Like a forgotten fable that feels it’s time’s come again

Calling the devil from the deep blue sea
Just like bards before me
Castles of sand, riffs on the tide
Jams from the brine

We sail, on the kraken’s wake
To Conquer, or to sink into the waves

Pulling me
Into the dream

Losing air
In the wet
Treasure’s grasp
Could be my last
Track Name: MoMo
Mo Mo Mo Mo...